The 20 Most Disgusting Canned Foods – Part 1 of 2


Canned Russian HerringCanned Russian Herring

You never hear people say, “hey, let’s go eat Russian food” and the fact that canned Russian herring exists is one reason why. These fish mouths, with sharp teeth and all, are no joke. File this under things we wouldn’t eat regardless if they came out of a can or not.

Canned Silkworm Pupae

Remember years ago when people freaked out when “Fear Factor” had contestants eat bugs? This is about 100 times worse. Silkworm pupae, the little creepy bugs sold on the street in Korea, is canned in a gooey substance in this disgusting canned food. There is not enough money in the world that could make us eat this, not even BBQ flavored.

Canned Bird’s Nest Drink

In some parts of the world, bird’s nest soup is considered a delicacy despite being made from the spit and nests created by cave swifts. The nests are dissolved and made into soup. Yeah, it’s disgusting, but not as disgusting as taking that recipe and making it into a canned energy drink.

Canned Scorpions

Much like the band of the same name, scorpions are likely to “Rock You Like a Hurricane” since their venom is highly poisonous. Luckily, canned roasted scorpions are cooked and therefore safe to eat, plus they come in a smokey BBQ flavor.


Canned Huitlacoche

Canned huitlacoche sounds disgusting, but is a Mexican specialty that translates to “corn smut.” Corn smut sounds disgusting too but it’s really only the fungus that grows on corn, which isn’t disgusting at all. The food is also called cuitacoche, which literally translates to hibernating excrement.

Canned Armadillo

Nothing says disgusting like turnkpike quality creamed armadillo on the halfshell. Seriously, the image on the can looks like someone scooped up roadkill, couldn’t sell it to dog food manufacturers so is now selling it on its own. Please let this be some weird redneck joke


Canned All Day Breakfast

“Baked beans with sausages, mini ‘Scotch’ eggs, mushrooms and bacon in a tasty tomato sauce” is the claim on the label for this disgusting canned food. Is the can supposed to last all day or is that the length of the time the indigestion will last after consuming this food?


Canned Tongues

There’s a reason that lamb tongues are canned. It’s because eating animal tongues is disgusting, hence the excess and the need to stuff these suckers into cans for eternity. No amount of garnish or serving suggestion can make canned lamb tongues any less gross.


Canned Hot Dogs

It’s a well-known fact that hot dogs are suspect to begin with, especially with horror stories of the weird parts of the pig that are used to create fresh hot dogs. Take that uncertainty and make it worse by putting five giant hot dogs in a can. We can only assume that the can contains just the wieners, not the buns, mustard and all the fixings. Regardless, we’ll pass.

Canned Pork Brains

Now we all love canned pork brains, but canned pork brains in milk gravy? That’s just obscene. Wait, canned pork brains in any kind of gravy or none at all is pretty gross.

Continued in Part 2
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