A Vintage Yet Creepy Medical Tour (28 pics / facts)

1) Masks worn by doctors during the Plague. The beaks held scented substances

 2) Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination. Many children lived for months in these machines, though not all survived. c. 1937

3) Corset damage to a ribcage. 19th century London

4) Dr. Kilmer’s Female Remedy

5) Tanning babies at the Chicago Orphan Asylum, 1925, to offset winter rickets

6) Woman with an artificial leg, too embarrassed to show her face c. 1890-1900

7) Wooden prosthetic hand, c. 1800

8) Selection of some items used to disguise facial injuries. Early plastic surgery.

9) Blood transfusion bottle, England 1978

10) Dr. Clark’s Spinal Apparatus advertisement, 1878

11) Neurological exam with electrical device, c. 1884

12) Antique prosthetic leg

13) US Civil War surgeon’s kit

14) “Walter Reed physiotherapy store” 1920’s

15) Boy in rolling “invalid cart” c. 1915

16) Obstetric phantom, Italy 1700-1800. Tool to teach medical students and midwives about childbirth

17) Radioactive yummies

18) Lewis Sayre’s scoliosis treatment

19) Claude Becks early defibulator

20) Antique birthing chair used until the 1800s

21) Knives for surgery, China, 1801-1920.

22) Anatomical Model. Doctors were not allowed to touch the women’s bodies, so they would point to describe pain locations

23) Radiology nurse technician, WWI France 1918

24) 1855-1860. One of first surgical procedures using ether as an anesthetic

25) Rush Medical College lecture auditorium, 1900, Chicago

26) Treatments for insanity

27) Leonid Rogozov, the only surgeon on an Antarctic expedition, performing surgery on himself after suffering from appendicitis. April 30, 1961

28) Edward Mordrake

Source : ebaums