The sad truth about Ronald McDonald (27 pics)


Ronald McDonald… An entertainer, a clown, beloved by millions.

He was respectful to the police

He helped the elderly

He was a religious man.

But, over time, he noticed he has a way with the ladies.

Women began coming on to him…at first in was seemingly innocent. A kiss on the cheek here and there.

But he liked the attention. And he wanted more.

And the women were more than happy to oblige.

Woman… after woman…

…after woman…

…after woman…

…after woman…

…after woman…

…after woman…

Soon women became boring, and he experimented with men…

But things started to go too far.

He become violent when rejected.

He began harassing women in the street.

He developed a drinking problem which consumed his life.

Until he was finally arrested.

Today you can see Ronald out and about. But he is no longer the happy go lucky clown we remember.

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