66 of the Most Beautiful Abandoned Places (Part 2 33pics)

Underwater City, Shicheng, China. Photo by Chinese National Geography.

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester, NY. Photo By cseward

Ghost Town of Abandoned African Diamond Mine. Photo by Chris Gray

Madame Sherri Castle Ruins, New Hampshire

Abandoned Railroad, Lebanon, Missouri

Abandoned Stone Cottage, Ireland. Photo by ~LeiraEnkai

Abandoned monastery, Belgium. Photo By odin’s_raven

Abandoned paperfactory. Photo by =schnotte

Abandoned Coaling tower in Macon, Georgia. Photo By Kirtsky

Abandoned Mill. Western Quebec.

Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant. Photo By brokenview

Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

Jiancing Historic Trail in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan. Photo By T.-C

Abandoned theme park in nara dreamland, japan. Photo by michaeljohngrist

Clock tower

Old shack in a snow field, Idaho. Photo By James Neeley


Abandoned terminal at Nicosia Airport. Photo By eyesfutur

Milan, New Orleans. Photo By JustUptown

Abandoned church in autumn. Photo by *CainPascoe

Abanonded steam engine in Uyuni train cemetery, Bolivia. Photo By jimmyharris

Abandoned Coal Mine. Photo by *Camereon

Abandoned Building. Photo by Aurélien Villette

Abandoned train

Abandoned greenhouse. Photo by TammieBowdenPhoto

Castle Ruins, Loc Ard, Scotland. Photo by S. Howse

Broken Wooden Bridge, Pittsburgh

Abandoned water power station in italy. Photo by Sven Fennema

Abandoned bowling alley, Japan. Photo by Thomas Jorion

Abandoned Phosphate Plant.

The old retro bar in the abandoned Pines Hotel. Photo by Niki Feijen

Red Sands Sea Forts. Photo By slimmer_jimmer

Bennett School for Girls. Photo By milfodd

Gary Palace Theater Seats, Indiana. Photo By TunnelBug (Jonathan Haeber)

By Francesco Mugnai